Welcome to the very first educational series of clean hospitals.

20 October & 7 December 2021

Access the latest advances in healthcare
enviromental hygiene through
2 LIVE days of cutting-edge clinical
& industry insights

Introducing the clean hospitals digital days

20 October & 7 December 2021

This unique event has been created to share the latest advances in the field of healthcare environmental hygiene.

The programme will be held over two days, including LIVE discussions, industry and product insights, networking formats and on-demand access.

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Inviting specialists across various fields:

Healthcare environmental hygiene specialists
Healthcare environmental hygiene specialists
Hospital managers
Hospital managers
IPC physicians
IPC physicians
Healthcare engineers
Healthcare engineers
Industry representatives
Industry representatives
Environmental services staff managers
Environmental services staff managers

Ground-Breaking findings with on-demand access

  • 2 days of LIVE and on-demand content
  • Virtual exhibition and product presentations
  • Industry insights with invited speakers
  • Live Q&A sessions
  • Networking platform with other participants

All session recordings available until 31st december 2021


Register from only €60

Our goals

Connecting stakeholders & leading experts from around the world
Making hospitals safer through improved environmental hygiene


  • Healthcare-associated infections
  • Reducing antimicrobial resistance
  • Protecting hospital staff and visitors

More about clean hospitals

Our Goals

About us

Clean Hospitals Project aims at reducing the burden of healthcare-associated infections all around the world by improving environmental hygiene practices.

Contact information

Clean Hospitals Project
c/o MCI Geneva

9, rue du Pré-Bouvier
1242, Satigny, Geneva

+41 22 33 99 673